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Grizzlies are found in parts of Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

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Bear Facts & Fallacies

Bears are large heavy mammals belonging to the Ursidae family and roam far and wide in North America, Europe, and Asia.  Bears are related to the dog and the raccoon and are carnivores, although plants make up the majority of their diet.  Bears have poor eyesight, and most only have moderately good hearing, but they have a keen sense of smell.

Bears have five toes and their tracks may reveal claw marks.  When walking, the hind foot overreaches the front and the big toe is on the outside of the bear's foot.

Grizzlies have longer claws and less fur between the toe pads and the pads appear together.  A grizzly bear's profile is distinctive from that of a black bear.  Grizzles have a mass of muscle (a characteristic hump) between their shoulder blades that powers their digging.  The shape of the head of a grizzly is flatter and has a shorter snout and the ears are shorter and more rounded than those of the black bear.  Black bears commonly climb trees while grizzlies normally do not.

Can you identify this bear?

Is this a grizzly or a black bear?  Do you know the differences between the two?

In the northwest, grizzlies are mostly limited to the Yellowstone and Glacier National Park areas of Montana and western Wyoming.  Black bears monopolize the rest of the North American forests and many of the swamps. Below you will find interesting facts and a few fantasies about the bears of North America.  To learn even more about black bears and grizzly bears, be sure to visit North American Bear Center.  Did you know that Florida has one of America's largest black bear populations?  Florida?

Bears Are Not "Cuddly"

It is easy to forget that bears are wild and fierce animals because they look so "cute". Many stories from campers, hikers and people not familiar with bear's habits have come down through generations that emphasize this point. See this video where a reporter interacts with a cuddly bear!


Greetings from Montana and thanks for visiting Montana, we're really glad you dropped by.  Designated as America's "Treasure State", Montana boasts many natural riches from Glacier National Park in the North, to our abundant wildlife like grizzly and black bears, deer, elk, antelope, moose, wolves, and buffalo that roam throughout our State.  The enchantment of Montana is perceptible when you experience our spectacular mountains and magnificent waterways first hand.  Sit back, relax and learn a few interesting things about our LARGE furry neighbors.

If you have ever considered planning a trip to Montana, Visit Montana is one of the best websites to help you chart your trip to "The Last Best Place".  Also, be sure to see the excellent bear books and videos we recommend on this site.

Bears and Their Cubs

Close Encounters

Bears don't like surprises and they like keeping their personal space - personal.  You can come across them in the wild unexpectedly.  So what do you do if confronted by a bear, play dead or fight back?  Well, that depends on the "type" of bear you encounter. Learn more about the essentials for traveling in bear country.  Another great resource for bear-aware tips is Mountain Nature.

If you live in a rural area with a bear population you must keep bears away from your trash.  In many areas it is a misdemeanor not to treat your trash properly by keeping it away from nosy bears.  Bears feasting on your trash is dangerous for you and the bears.  Learn why this is, and how you can build an inexpensive "bear-proof" fence.

Polar Bears?

Ok, so there are no polar bears in Montana (that aren't stuffed), but as a distant relative - and an extremely interesting animal, we thought we'd include some interesting facts about polar bears.  To learn more about these American bears' cousins, visit polar bears here.

Bearly News

University of Montana GrizzliesAs we discover newsworthy stories about bears, we share them with you at a brand new section of our website entitled "bear news".  This lists stories about bears from all over the USA, not just Montana.  Check it out..

Bear Gifts?

Does your shopping list include bears? We have a unique assortment of bear themed gifts for every occasion. Browse our bears...



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