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Bears and Their Cubs Outwitting Bears Killer Bears

Backcountry Bear Basics
The Definitive Guide to Avoiding Unpleasant Encounters

by David Smith

Thoroughly researched and full of practical advice, this book has all the detailed information you need to know on how to travel and camp safely in bear country. This is a very popular book on  You can view sample pages from this book.

List Price:   $10.95
Price:   $8.76

Among the Bears
Raising Orphaned Cubs in the Wild

by Benjamin Kilham, Ed Gray

In the spring of 1993, Benjamin Kilham, a naturalist who lives in the woodlands of New Hampshire, began raising a pair of orphaned wild black bears. The experience changed his life.

List Price:   $15.00
Price:   $10.50

Danger Stalks the Land
Alaskan Tales of Death and Survival

by Larry Kaniut

This one-of-a-kind anthology thrills readers with it's true, spine-tingling adventures of daring men and women who venture into Alaska's vast wilderness and look death straight in the eye.

List Price:   $14.95
Price:   $10.47


Among Grizzlies
Living With Wild Bears in Alaska

by Timothy Treadwell, Jewel Palovak

The author lives among grizzlies and records his adventures among Alaskan bears over the last 10 years.  Although grizzly specialists question aspects of his up-close-and-personal approach, you'll learn quite a lot about the bears in his book.

List Price:   $14.00
Price:   $11.20

Montana's Bob Marshall Country
The Bob Marshall, Scapegoat, Great Bear Wilderness Areas and Surrounding Wildlands

by Richard P. Graetz, Rick Graetz

A very good and concise readable book on wildlife and history of the Bob Marshall wilderness. This will make you want to go to Montana tomorrow.

New and used from $9.75

The Bear (1989)
DVD ~ Tchéky Karyo

A film with virtually no dialogue and not a minute that isn't fascinating, either for the plot it pursues or the way director Jean-Jacques Annaud gets his ursine stars to do what he wants. The story deals with a young cub who, after his mother is killed in a landslide, bonds to a lumbering male Kodiak.

List Price:   $14.95
Price:   $13.46


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