Montana Grizzly Bears

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Grizzly Bears

The American Grizzly Bear

Ursus Arctos Horribilis

A female grizzly bear will give birth to a litter of 1 to 4 tiny cubs, which are usually born between January and March.  The cubs are hairless and helpless, and stay with mom for 2.5 - 4.5 years.  Siblings will group together for 1 - 2 years after leaving their mother.

grizzly bear tracksGrizzly bears are found in Canada and in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, and Montana in America.  A grizzly roams a territory between ten and more than three hundred square miles.  Contrary to what many people believe, grizzlies usually live in forests, not near major lakes and rivers.  See an entire site dedicated to America's grizzly bears, follow this track to Grizzly.

Grizzlies have been the theme of legends since before written history.  In America, the native Indians feared and revered the grizzly.  As far back as Indian lore tells us and the Lewis and Clark expedition, grizzlies were once abundant across most of America.  Nothing epitomizes the American west like the image of a grizzly bear. Unfortunately, due to extensive hunting and trapping since the 1800's, the grizzly is today considered an endangered species.

Grizzlies embark on the search for a suitable den in early fall.  As a rule, they search for mountain slopes where the snow will cover up their den until spring.  This snow cover provides insulation and safety from other predators while they hibernate for half of the year.  Accumulating body fat is important to survive the hibernation period, particularly for females who will give birth to cubs during this time.

Grizzlies eat almost anything available. However, contrary to popular belief, most of their diet consists of grasses and roots and wild berries (huckleberries). They are omnivores and love meat such as anything they can catch (fish, rodents and insects). If the opportunity presents itself, they will also eat buffalo, elk, deer, etc. Or... your garbage!  Learn why and how you can build an inexpensive "bear-proof" fence.

Montana Grizzlies

University of Montana GrizzliesThe most famous grizzlies in Montana are of course, the University of Montana Grizzlies.  One of the finest schools in the lower forty-eight, we are honored to have a picture of a grizzly from the class of 2007 (maybe 2008).  See our Griz!

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